Hello [[First name of Requester]], Your new/updated request has been completed. If other applications were specified such as CRM or OTIIS, requests have been automatically sent to these teams for provisioning. New User Summary: Full Name: [[Full Name]] Username (for your email/pc login, CRM and The Campus): [[Username]] Password (set to require change on first logon): servcorp16 Email address: [[Username]]@servcorp.com.au Title/Role: [[Role]] Phone Number: [[Phone Number]] Location: [[Location]] Printer Dot (AU only): [[Printer dot]] BAM/The Library account: Username: [[Username]] Password: servcorp16 Office 365/Skype Licence applied to user on MS Online Portal: Awaiting for next available licence. Member of: Notes: This ticket has been deemed solved. To log a new request please submit a new ticket in the Workshop Portal or email theworkshop@servcorp.com. For queries regarding this ticket, please contact Servcorp IT Operations by dialing '#IT'. For queries regarding resolution times please contact your local IT Manager. For any service feedback, please contact Malcolm Sanders, Senior Manager - IT Operations on mal.sanders@servcorp.com.au

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