Carrier Update Template
======================================================================== Internal Data Do Not Alter ======================================================================== //2017 [[Time - am/pm]] [[Agent Initials]] [[LEC Initials]] [[TT#]] [[S/W]] [[Carrier Update]] [[Carrier Lvl]] [[LEC Lvl]] [[Customers Address]] [[Site LCON]] [[Customer contact number]] [[Customer email]] [[Circuit ID]] [[Account Number]] ======================================================================== Output: Copy and Paste From below ======================================================================== //2017 [[Time - am/pm]] [[Agent Initials]] [[LEC Initials]] TT# [[TT#]] S/W: [[S/W]] Update: [[Carrier Update]] Carrier Lvl: [[Carrier Lvl]] LEC Lvl: [[LEC Lvl]] Physical Address: [[Customers Address]] Name: [[Site LCON]] Phone: [[Customer contact number]] Email: [[Customer email]] Circuit ID: [[Circuit ID]] Account#: [[Account Number]]

Time - am/pm:
Agent Initials:
LEC Initials:
Carrier Update:
Carrier Lvl:
LEC Lvl:
Customers Address:
Site LCON:
Customer contact number:
Customer email:
Circuit ID:
Account Number:

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