Cisco Switch Assessment Commands
Here are just a few commands I like to run when performing an assessment or audit of a switch. !-- General term len 0 show version show run !-- Layer2 show interfaces status show interfaces trunk show interfaces summary show interfaces show int counters errors show cdp neighbor show cdp neighbor detail show spanning-tree summary show spanning-tree show etherchannel summary show mac address-table show vlan show vtp status !-- Stacking show switch show switch detail show switch stack-ring speed show stackwise-virtual show stackwise-virtual link show stackwise-virtual neighbors show stackwise-virtual dual-active-detection !-- Layer 3 show ip int brief show standby brief show standby show ip route show ip cef show arp show ip protocols show ip eigrp neighbor show ip eigrp topology show ip ospf neighbor show ip ospf database show ip bgp summary show ip bgp !-- show tech show tech

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