Switch Miner - sm.conf
Click Here for Sample Data The following is a configuration script for Switch Miner, a very powerful switch port mapping tool. sm.exe -s [options] Required: -s | --switch Switch Name/IP Optional: -r | --router Router Name/IP for Layer 3 Info -f | --file Read devices from file -c | --config Configuration file (Default is sm.conf) -n | --name Output specific filename (Default is Device name) -p | --ping Ping Sweep -d | --discovery CDP Discovery -o | --oui Generate OUI File -h | --help Print Usage Message --search Search for a MAC address XX-XX-XX-XX-XX-XX Config file
# # This is a configuration file for Switch Miner. # # default file name is sm.conf, if changed you must specify the -c option on the command line # # NOTE: The must not be any space before or after the = sign. # # Logging on or off # This will generate a sm.log file of what you see on the screen when the program runs. # Default is false log=[[log]] # Number of polling threads to instantiate in the # snmp thread pool. # # This option controls how many scans can be conducted in parallel. # With more threads a larger number of switches can be scanned more quickly, # however this comes at the expense of more bandwitdh utilization. # # Likewise bandwidth usage can be decreased, by reducing the number # of threads used for scanning.Default is 10 and max is 20 scan_threads=[[Scan Threads]] # SNMP Configuration section # # Default snmp community string community=[[Community Name]] # The Max-Repetitions value specifies the number of lexicographic successors # to be returned for the remaining variables in the variable-bindings list. # The default value in this field is 40. max_repetitions=[[Max Repetitions]] # The Non-Repeaters value specifies the number of variables in the variable-bindings # list for which a single lexicographic successor is to be returned. # The default value in this field is 0. non_repeaters=[[non_repeaters]] # The consolidate value tells the scanner to output all values on ports # connected to other switches. The default is true. consolidate=[[Consolidate]] # The retries value specifies the number of retries will be attempted # when polling a device. The default is 3. retries=[[Retries]] # The timeout value determines how long the scanner will wait for a reply # from a device. The default is 6 seconds. timeout=[[Timeout]] # The xlsformat value determines in what format the output file will be in. # If true the format will be xls, if false it will be csv. The default # value is true. xlsformat=[[Excel Format]] # WMI Section # NOTE: The value for wmi_domain will depend on whether you are # using a domain credential or a local machine account. # Specify the NETBIOS name of the domain if the credential # is for a domain user. For a local machine account, specify # the NETBIOS name of the remote machine wmi=[[wmi]] wmi_user=[[wmi_user]] wmi_password=[[wmi_password]] wmi_domain=[[wmi_domain]] wmi_query=[[wmi_query]]

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