2960-X Flat VLAN1
!-- Config Switch config t service timestamps debug datetime localtime msec service timestamps log datetime localtime msec service password-encryption ! hostname [[Hostname]] ! ! username [[Admin Username]] privilege 15 secret [[Admin Password]] no enable password enable secret [[Enable Password]] aaa new-model aaa authentication login default local aaa authorization exec default if-authenticated vlan [[Data VLAN ID]] name data no logging console ! ! clock timezone EST -5 clock summer-time EDT recurring ntp server [[NTP Server]] ! ! ! ! archive log config logging enable notify syslog hidekeys path flash:/$h write-memory ! ! !-- Configure Rapid Spanning Tree spanning-tree mode rapid-pvst !-- Configure the switch connected to the router as the STP root bridge. spanning-tree vlan 1 root primary !-- Configure VTP vtp mode transparent vtp domain [[VTP Domain]] vtp password [[VTP Password]] !-- PC and Phone Ports interface Gi2/0/1 switchport host switchport mode access switchport access vlan [[Data VLAN ID]] auto qos voip cisco-phone spanning-tree bpduguard enable !-- Unused Ports default int Gi2/0/1 !-- Routers should be connected to switch on port 24 interface FastEthernet2/0/24 description *****Connection To Router***** switchport mode trunk spanning-tree portfast ! interface vlan [[Data VLAN ID]] ip address [[Data VLAN IP & Subnet]] no shutdown ! ip default-gateway [[Default Gateway]] ! no ip http server no ip http secure-server ip access-list standard SNMP permit host ip access-list standard VTY permit permit permit banner motd ^CC ************************************************************** WARNING ************************************************************** ACCESS TO THIS SYSTEM IS RESTRICTED TO AUTHORIZED USERS ONLY. ACCESS IS MONITORED AND UNAUTHORIZED USERS WILL BE SUBJECT TO PROSECUTION AND OTHER LEGAL ACTION. ^C snmp-server community [[SNMP Community]] RO SNMP ! ! ! logging buffered 1000000 logging buffered 7 logging trap 7 logging [[Syslog Server]] logging monitor 7 ! ! ! ! ! ! !-- Create encryption keys for ssh ip domain-name [[Domain Name]] crypto key generate rsa usage-keys mod 1024 line con 0 login authentication default line vty 0 4 transport input ssh access-class VTY in login authentication default !

Data VLAN IP & Subnet:
Admin Username:
Admin Password:
Enable Password:
NTP Server:
VTP Domain:
VTP Password:
SNMP Community:
Syslog Server:
Domain Name:
Default Gateway:

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