Cisco Catalyst Switch - Simple
Click here for sample data !------------------------------------------ ! -- Logging Settings !------------------------------------------ service timestamps debug datetime msec localtime service timestamps log datetime msec localtime logging buffered 1000000 logging trap 7 no logging console logging on !------------------------------------------ ! -- TACACs Authentication Settings !------------------------------------------ username [[Local User]] secret [[Local Password]] enable secret [[Enable Secret]] aaa new-model aaa authentication login default local aaa authorization exec default local service password-encryption !------------------------------------------ ! -- Date / Time Settings !------------------------------------------ clock timezone [[Clock Timezone Name]] [[Clock Hours offset from UTC (-6)]] clock summer-time [[Clock Timezone Name in Summer]] recurring ntp server [[NTP Server]] source [[NTP Source Interface (Gi0/0/0)]] prefer !------------------------------------------ ! -- DNS Settings !------------------------------------------ no ip domain lookup !------------------------------------------ ! -- TFTP Backup Settings !------------------------------------------ This command set will backup the router configs to a TFTP Server when the config is saved to NVRAM. archive log config hidekeys logging enable notify syslog path flash:/$h write-memory !------------------------------------------ ! -- SNMP Settings !------------------------------------------ snmp-server community [[SNMP Community String]] RO !------------------------------------------ ! -- VTY Settings !------------------------------------------ ip access-list standard VTY permit permit permit line con 0 logging sync line vty 0 4 logging sync access-class VTY in privilege level 15 transport input telnet ssh line vty 5 15 logging sync access-class VTY in privilege level 15 transport input telnet ssh !------------------------------------------ ! -- IP Settings !------------------------------------------ interface vlan1 no shutdown ip address [[IP Address and Mask]] ip default-gateway [[Default Gateway]]

Local User:
Local Password:
Enable Secret:
Clock Timezone Name:
Clock Hours offset from UTC (-6):
Clock Timezone Name in Summer:
NTP Server:
NTP Source Interface (Gi0/0/0):
SNMP Community String:
IP Address and Mask:
Default Gateway:

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