Cisco Catalyst - Radius Authentication
[[Radius Server IP1]] - IP Address of 1st Radius Server [[Pre-Shared Key1]] - Pre-Shared Key of 1st Radius Server [[Radius Server IP2]] - IP Address of 2nd Radius Server [[Pre-Shared Key2]] - Pre-Shared Key of 2nd Radius Server aaa new-model ! radius-server host [[Radius Server IP1]] key [[Pre-Shared Key1]] radius-server host [[Radius Server IP2]] key [[Pre-Shared Key2]] ! aaa group server radius RADIUS server [[Radius Server IP1]] server [[Radius Server IP2]] ! aaa authentication login default group RADIUS local aaa authorization exec default group RADIUS local line vty 0 15 login authentication default

Radius Server IP1:
Pre-Shared Key1:
Radius Server IP2:
Pre-Shared Key2:

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