ASA+Firepower Checklist
Firepower Management Center ------------------------------------------------------------- Hostname: [[FMC Hostname]] Domain: [[FMC Domain]] IP Address: [[FMC IP Address]] Subnet Mask: [[FMC Subnet Mask]] Gateway: [[FMC Gateway]] Pre-Shared Key: [[Pre-Shared Key]] FMC Version: [[Version]] SFTP Module ------------------------------------------------------------- Host: [[SFTP Host]] Path: [[SFTP Path]] User: [[SFTP User]] Password: [[SFTP Password]] Firepower Module ------------------------------------------------------------- Hostname: [[SFR Hostname]] Domain: [[SFR Domain]] FQDN: [[SFR Hostname]].[[SFR Domain]] IP Address: [[SFR IP Address]] Subnet Mask: [[SFR Subnet Mask]] Gateway: [[SFR Gateway]] FTP Server ------------------------------------------------------------- IP Address: [[FTP Server IP]] Username: [[FTP Username]] Password: [[FTP Password]] Active Directory ------------------------------------------------------------- Domain Controller 1: [[AD Domain Controller 1]] Domain Controller 2: [[AD Domain Controller 2]] Mail Relay ------------------------------------------------------------- Host [[Mail Relay IP]] Port Number [[Mail Relay Port]] Encryption Method [[Mail Relay Encryption Method]] From Address [[Mail Relay From Address]] Use Authentication [[Mail Relay Use Authentication]] ASA IP Addresses ------------------------------------------------------------- Outside IP: [[ASA Outside IP]] Outside Subnet Mask: [[ASA Outside Mask]] Outside Gateway: [[ASA Outside Gateway]] Inside IP: [[ASA Outside IP]] Inside Subnet Mask: [[ASA Outside Mask]] Inside Gateway: [[ASA Outside Gateway]] ASA PAT Config ------------------------------------------------------------- PAT Inside Subnet: [[PAT Inside Subnet]] PAT Outside IP: [[PAT Outside IP]] ASA NAT Config ASA VPN Config

FMC Hostname:
FMC Domain:
FMC IP Address:
FMC Subnet Mask:
FMC Gateway:
Pre-Shared Key:
SFTP Host:
SFTP Path:
SFTP User:
SFTP Password:
SFR Hostname:
SFR Domain:
SFR IP Address:
SFR Subnet Mask:
SFR Gateway:
FTP Server IP:
FTP Username:
FTP Password:
AD Domain Controller 1:
AD Domain Controller 2:
Mail Relay IP:
Mail Relay Port:
Mail Relay Encryption Method:
Mail Relay From Address:
Mail Relay Use Authentication:
ASA Outside IP:
ASA Outside Mask:
ASA Outside Gateway:
PAT Inside Subnet:
PAT Outside IP:

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