---HOSTNAME--- hostname Depanner16-MainPanel2 ---SPANNING-TREE--- spanning-tree vlan 1-1024 priority 57344 or spanning-tree vlan 1-1024 priority 61440 ---VlAN DEFINITIONS--- vlan 3 name VLD-BakeryLegacy ! vlan 300 name VLD-BakeryHmis ! vlan 504 name VLD-BakeryUtilities ! vlan 505 vlan VLD-BakeryLine15 ! vlan 506 name VLD-BakeryLine16 ! vlan 403 name VLD-BakeryNetworkManagement ! vlan 998 name NATIVE_TRUNK ! vlan 999 name PARKING_LOT ! ---SNMP LOCATION--- snmp-server location VLDBakery-Line16-PanlineAndOven ---VLAN INTERFACES---- interface Vlan506 ip address no shut ! interface Vlan403 ip address no shut ! ---ETHERNET PORTS--- int range fa1/1-8 des SPARE switchport mode access switchport access vlan 506 spanning-tree portfast spanning-tree bpdufilter enable spanning-tree guard root no shut exit int fa1/1 des VFD-DepannerMeteringBeltConveyor switchport access vlan 300 exit int fa1/2 des PLC-DepannerL33ERMSProcessor exit int fa1/3 des REMOTEIO-MainPanel1734Aent exit int fa1/4 des REMOTEIO-MainPanel1734Aent exit int fa1/5 des VFD-VacuumBlower exit int fa1/6 des VFD-TableTopConveyors exit int fa1/7 des VFD-VacuumBeltConveyor exit int fa1/8 des VFD-DelidderConveyor exit int fa1/9 des REMOTEIO-ZonePanel56-1734Aent exit int fa1/10 des REMOTEIO-ZonePanel78-1734Aent exit int fa1/11 des REMOTEIO-ZonePanel910-1734Aent exit int fa1/12 des REMOTEIO-ZonePanel1112-1734Aent exit ! interface range GigabitEthernet1/1-2 description TRUNK-ToPh23850Stack switchport trunk native vlan 998 switchport trunk allowed vlan 300,403,506,998 switchport mode trunk switchport nonegotiate exit ! ---DHCP POOL--- ip dhcp pool Depanner16-MainPanel2 network dns-server domain-name mfps.com default-router reserved-only address client-id "Fa1/1" ascii address client-id "Fa1/2" ascii address client-id "Fa1/3" ascii address client-id "Fa1/4" ascii address client-id "Fa1/5" ascii address client-id "Fa1/6" ascii address client-id "Fa1/7" ascii address client-id "Fa1/8" ascii

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