Netflow for Cisco Nexus - Minimal
  1. Enable the NetFlow feature.
  2. Create a Flow Record and specify the fields that you want exported (we'll use the default).
  3. Create a Flow Exporter that specifies where and how the NetFlow is to be sent.
  4. Create a Flow Monitor to tie the Flow Record to the Flow Exporter.
  5. Map the Flow Monitor to selected interfaces.
Click here for sample data Step1:
feature netflow Step2:
!-- No configuration necessary as this script uses the default 'netflow-original' flow record. show flow record netflow-original Step3:
flow exporter [[Netflow Exporter Name]] description [[Netflow Exporter Description]] destination [[Netflow Exporter Destination IP]] export Version 9 transport udp [[Netflow Exporter udp port]] source [[Netflow Exporter Source Interface]] Step4:
flow monitor [[Netflow Monitor Name]] exporter [[Netflow Exporter Name]] record netflow-original Step5:
interface [[Monitored Interface]] ip flow monitor [[Netflow Monitor Name]] input Show Commands
show flow record netflow-original show flow exporter show flow monitor [[Netflow Monitor Name]] show run show run int [[Monitored Interface]] Source:

Netflow Exporter Name:
Netflow Exporter Description:
Netflow Exporter Destination IP:
Netflow Exporter udp port:
Netflow Exporter Source Interface:
Netflow Monitor Name:
Monitored Interface:

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