Cisco MGCP - PRI
mgcp mgcp call-agent [[CUCM Publisher]] 2427 service-type mgcp version 0.1 mgcp bind control source-interface [[MGCP Source Interface]] mgcp bind media source-interface [[MGCP Source Interface]] ccm-manager fallback-mgcp ccm-manager redundant-host [[CUCM Subscriber]] ccm-manager mgcp no ccm-manager fax protocol cisco ccm-manager music-on-hold ccm-manager config server [[CUCM Publisher]] ccm-manager config card type t1 0 0 network-clock-participate wic 0 network-clock-select 4 T1 [[PRI Port (0/1/0)]] controller T1 [[PRI Port (0/1/0)]] framing esf clock source internal linecode b8zs pri-group timeslots 1-24 service mgcp no shutdown interface Serial[[PRI Port (0/1/0)]]:23 no ip address no logging event link-status isdn switch-type primary-ni isdn incoming-voice voice isdn timer T310 10000 isdn bind-l3 ccm-manager no cdp enable no shutdown dial-peer voice 1000 pots description ** MGCP dial-peer** service mgcpapp port [[PRI Port (0/1/0)]]:23 application global service alternate Default Show Commands
show ccm-manager show mgcp endpoint Debug Commands
debug mgcp packet

PRI Port (0/1/0):
CUCM Publisher:
CUCM Subscriber:
MGCP Source Interface:

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