ASA - Anyconnect Configuration
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ip local pool ANYCONNECT-POOL [[Anyconnect Pool Start]]-[[Anyconnect Pool End]] mask [[Anyconnect Subnet Mask]] object network OBJ-ANYCONNECT-SUBNET subnet [[Anyconnect Subnet]] [[Anyconnect Subnet Mask]] object network OBJ-LAN-SUBNET subnet [[Local Subnet and Mask]] webvpn enable [[Outside Interface]] tunnel-group-list enable anyconnect image disk0:/[[Anyconnect Windows Image]] 1 anyconnect image disk0:/[[Anyconnect MAC Image]] 2 anyconnect image disk0:/[[Anyconnect Linux Image]] 3 anyconnect enable username [[Local User name]] password [[Local User Password]] access-list ANYCONNECT_SPLIT-TUNNEL standard permit [[Local Subnet and Mask]] group-policy GroupPolicy_ANYCONNECT-PROFILE internal group-policy GroupPolicy_ANYCONNECT-PROFILE attributes vpn-tunnel-protocol ssl-client dns-server value [[DNS Servers]] wins-server none split-tunnel-policy tunnelspecified split-tunnel-network-list value ANYCONNECT_SPLIT-TUNNEL default-domain value [[Domain Name]] tunnel-group ANYCONNECT-PROFILE type remote-access tunnel-group ANYCONNECT-PROFILE general-attributes default-group-policy GroupPolicy_ANYCONNECT-PROFILE address-pool ANYCONNECT-POOL tunnel-group ANYCONNECT-PROFILE webvpn-attributes group-alias ANYCONNECT-PROFILE enable nat ([[Inside Interface]],[[Outside Interface]]) 2 source static OBJ-LAN-SUBNET OBJ-LAN-SUBNET destination static OBJ-ANYCONNECT-SUBNET OBJ-ANYCONNECT-SUBNET no-proxy-arp route-lookup References

Inside Interface:
Outside Interface:
Anyconnect Subnet:
Anyconnect Subnet Mask:
Anyconnect Pool Start:
Anyconnect Pool End:
Local Subnet and Mask:
DNS Servers:
Domain Name:
Anyconnect Windows Image:
Anyconnect MAC Image:
Anyconnect Linux Image:
Local User name:
Local User Password:

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